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  1. Radio controlled Cars Fan sagt:

    Thank goodness I found this thread. I use the GoPro for recording footage of radio controlled cars in action and this same problem but not anymore. Thanks

  2. George sagt:

    Like to use it for FPV, recording and watch realtime video at te same tyme.

    Regards George

  3. zaeg_23 sagt:

    FINALLY! The new gopro update v02.05.11 is finally out and allows you to display and rec on external screen!

  4. marco sagt:

    i was able to do the live feed once now everytime I unplug the usd the camera beeps 7 timeas and goeas off anyone know what the buck is going on ? please help

  5. Sunny sagt:

    It´s like User MATTK Problem.

    He wrotes:
    hi sunny,

    it was the half full GOPRO battery.
    now it works.

  6. Emilio sagt:

    I did not yet made the USB cable, so I use the USB cable attached to an sleeping computer.

    When I plug the USB cable, the camera turns off and begin to charge the battery. It does not got to live mode.



  7. mattk sagt:

    hi sunny,

    it was the half full GOPRO battery.
    now it works.

    I contacted GoPro because of the firmware update released on 17th of may
    (which they announced should include the live-out update – but it did not)
    that’s what they wrote me 2 days ago:

    Thank you for contacting GoPro!

    We originally anticipated the firmware to be released May 17th, 2010 however we encountered a few bugs at the last minute. We will try to release it as soon as possible.

    To be notified of the release, please sign up for our online newsletter:

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    Many Thanks,
    GoPro Support

    anyway – works perfect now like this – thank you sunny!

  8. Sunny sagt:

    I think you can test what is hapend, when you load the Gopro Battery absolut full befor you try the liveout hack.
    In the past, my Gopro shows the same mailfunktion as yours, if the Battery was only half full.


  9. mattk sagt:

    I have the same problem here. When I take off the USB the live out fails and GOPRO is not recording anymore.

    Anyone has a solution to that?

    thank you,

  10. Tobi sagt:

    Hey Sunny.

    I understand you use the Gopro Hero for recording footage while you have a live wireless transmission going on. We’re planning to do some crazy live video with the Gopro Hero in a waterslide and wanna send it live to a HD Video beamer. Can you tell me which equipment you use to send and recieve the signal live.

    It really has been a pain in the ass finding a semi professional solution that is relatively water resistant.

    Thank you,


  11. Robin sagt:

    Really Great Setup!
    You guys helped me out!

    Actually i have one question left! When i take the USB off my live out fails.
    As u told, does the usb need to have some voltage on it still ?

    Thank you!!!

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